“Dan Harris”

Hi, I’m Dan, I am a young aspiring poet.

Poetry is an art form, a way for one to honestly release one’s own art. Poetry to me comes from within.

I’m not going to publish much on here. If you’re here chances are you found me from instagram, which is where I mainly publish poetry,

2 things of note about me.

  • “Dan Harris” is just a pen name. (Do not ask me what my real name is. I will not respond.)
  • I am not a poetry snob, all poetry is real poetry.

I don’t believe in elitism in poetry, we (humans) are all poets, its just that a select few of us (like myself) put pen to paper and write about our ideas. My poems are quite dark, I am quite a light hearted individual.

That doesn’t mean I like all poetry, I just have enough common sense to understand that my opinion doesn’t need to be put across so rudely; If you like writing poetry, more power to you. I LOVE being critiqued; in a way it tells me that people enjoy reading my work and have gone out of their way to tell me where I screwed up. If my poetry isn’t your thing, no worries, I’m just glad you took some time to learn a little more about me.

I get that a lot of what I will post will be polarising, if you wanna reach out to me, message me on instagram and I’d be more than happy to discuss my work. I will NOT respond if you are rude, degrading or use unkind language. If you want a civilised conversation, I would be very happy.

I don’t want this to be a boring poetry page, and while I’ll seldom use it I do want what I post here to be a ‘best of’ of sorts. Not that my poetry is good, its mediocre at best and I am willing to accept that.

I tend to curse a lot in my poems, I don’t curse in my day to day basis, and a large portion of my poems are violent and very unsettling, I’ll say this once, I don’t condone anything in my poems and I DO NOT recommend children read my poems, I touch on a lot of adult topics: Sex, Murder, Infidelity. I’m not sure why a child would read my poems however on the off chance that one does, I do not recommend it, I seldom post family friendly poems.

If you’re still here I’d like to warmly thank you for reading through all this and hope you enjoy my poetry.

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